Spending Money On Clothes Takes No Skill


We all love expensive gear. Be it a high end-designer brand like Gucci or LV, expensive streetwear like Bape or Cav Empt, or a fusion of everything like Fear Of God or Off-White, expensive jawnz seem to make the world go round.

But what if I told you that you aren’t automatically going to be fresh just because you spend a lot of money on your clothes? What if I told you there was more to dressing than that? What if I told you than spending money on clothes takes no skill? Well that’s exactly what I’m telling you, so pull up a chair and listen.

Anyone with a credit card or a wad of cash can go on the internet or in the store and spend that money on whatever jawnz strike their fancy. Brands are more easily accessible now than ever, and you can get anything you want provided you’re willing to pay the right price for it. So don’t assume that you’re “out here” “fly” or anything else just because you can spend money on clothes. That’s how you wind up like our friend Christopher in the picture at the top of the article, rocking as much mismatched Bape as possible and looking like a hundred-some pounds of pure struggle.

We’re not telling you that you shouldn’t cop expensive jawnz. We love copping expensive jawnz. What we’re telling you is to pick and chose instead of just mindlessly blowing money on whatever designer item catches your eye. That’s how you wind up with a bunch of expensive shit that looks terrible together. Start piecing together your own look, and mix high and low end. Just because something’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s dope off top.

Your personal style is something that should be very important to you. You’ve got to figure out your own unique aesthetic. Make your own choices, look to others for inspiration, and take a chance every so often. You’ll start to cultivate your own personal look faster than you’d ever imagine, and that’s what we want you to do. Individuality is key.


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