The 2018 Street Culture Grammy Awards

Planning on watching the Grammys tonight? We’re not, even though we do enjoy some of the yearly hijinks that are bound to occur. We’d rather just give our own awards instead.

With a panel full of old, out-of-touch voters who don’t understand what’s really relevant in music today, the Grammys are usually more rigged than a championship boxing match. Who can forget Macklemore beating out Kendrick Lamar for “Best New Artist” and then publicly apologizing for a win that he didn’t deserve in 2014? You’d probably prefer not to recollect Eminem winning “Best Rap Album” for “Recovery,” a putrid, convoluted mess of an album in 2010. Yes, the Grammys are hot garbage. read more

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Summer Sixteen: A Polaroid Retrospective


It’s official: Summer’s over, and fall is upon us.

Starting in June and ending in August, I took Polaroids of my friends (or enlisted them to take one if I’m in the picture) on a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. They may be made into a book within the next few months, but I thought it only right to premiere them right here on KicksOneTwo  These are the faces of Summer Sixteen in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Enjoy!












I had a great deal of fun shooting all of these photos, and am extremely thankful to have so many awesome people around me all summer. Ya’ll are the best. read more

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TODAY: Fall Festival Block Party On Como Ave

11 x7

It’s going down on Como Avenue today.

Piff Minneapolis is hosting the “Fall Festival” block party on Como Avenue, right in front of the “I’m Feeling Good” mural by the shop from 3PM-7PM. The event is completely free to attend … but if you do feel like donating money, Football Pizza, Blue Door Pub, and Black Coffee and Waffle Bar will be donating a percentage of their sales to the Minneapolis Boys and Girls Club, so you can eat good and feel good at the same time. That’s a rare opportunity, so it’s definitely one you want to take advantage of when it comes around. read more

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TONIGHT: “Kithland”, Kith’s First Ever Runway Show


We love Kith here at KicksOneTwo. Their aesthetic is sporty yet clean and refined, they crank out consistently good product year after year, and they’re always cooking up crazy collabs, like their recently announced Bergdorf Goodman partnership, consisting of a Kith shop within the legendary store, and a co-branded line of apparel. Ronnie Fieg stays winning, and despite all the naysayers … he can do no wrong.

So, needless to say, we were thrilled when the news broke that Kith would be hosting their first-ever runway show, “Kithland” during New York Fashion week. We were even more stoked when it was announced that Kithland would be live-streamed on the Kith website for those of us not lucky enough to be in New York for the event. read more

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Brrr! Gucci Time Pop-Up At Rival Sneakers

art 1

Nobody’s hotter than Gucci Mane right now. After his recent release from jail, Gucci dropped a new album, “Everybody Looking”, and has become a must-follow on Instagram and Snapchat. A whole new era of fans has been introduced to his music and personality, and he’s back on top where he belongs once again.

Gucci’s old fans are thrilled about his successful return too, and day 1 OG Gucci supporter and designer Chris Bailey recently hosted a “Gucci Time” pop-up shop at Rival Sneakers in Tucson, AZ. With original T-shirts designed by Chris himself, and Gucci-inspired artwork, it was an event that couldn’t be missed by any Gucci fan. read more

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Photo Recap: ITS Fest

gallery 13

This past Thursday, ITS Fest took place at Gallery 13 in downtown Minneapolis. Photographers, designers, artists, and writers from all over the city came together to celebrate the arrival of summer, soak up the good vibes, listen to music…and last but not least, eat some Cane’s. Here’s everything that went down at the event, in photos.

dj blue

DJ JRed made sure the vibes were right, as he spun everything from Chief Keef to A$AP Rocky.

jumping around

The crowd was ready to get turnt.

yachty malone

It wasn’t just a DJ set either. Several rappers took their turns blessing the mic. read more

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This Thursday: ITS Fest at Gallery 13


Summer’s almost fully upon us. Those of us who are still in school are done for the year (congratulations to all the recent graduates!), and those of us who aren’t are ready to get in full summer mode. Thankfully for both parties, there’s a perfect early-summer event this Thursday at Gallery 13 in downtown Minneapolis.

ITS Fest (Intro To Summer if you were wondering) is an event that’s by artists, for artists. The primary purpose of the event is to bring everyone into the summer on a high note, and provide a place for creatives to connect. Are you a photographer? A writer? A designer? An artist? No matter what you are, you’re bound to find like-minded people at ITS Fest. You’ll get a chance to network, meet new people, make connections, and talk about your work, all in a dope venue (if you haven’t been to Gallery 13 before, you’re in for a treat). read more

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Photo Recap: Piff Collection 002 Pre-Release Party


This past Thursday, Piff thew a party to celebrate the release of their second apparel collection. The event featured DJ sets from DJ Boogie Wonderland and Phrol, Polaroids from Juice, and beer from Able Seedhouse + Brewery (a local craft beer company, far better than what you’ll usually find in a keg at most parties). Good vibes were flowing through the night, and the KicksOneTwo staff was on hand to capture the action.

living room crowd

All types of people came through to check out the clothes, grab a beer, and chill. read more

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TCSAX 7 Photo Recap pt. 2: On-Foot Pics


Round 2. We’re back with the second part of our TCSAX 7 photo recap, the on-foot pictures. There was a lot of heat at the event (arguably the most ever), and we’ve got it all for you right below. We’ve even included several IG handles if you’re feeling friendly and want to toss any of these fine folks a follow.

If you want to use any of the photos yourself, that’s fine by us. We do it for the community. All we ask is that you be sure to give us the photo credit! Without further ado…here’s the on-foot (and a few off-foot for fun too) pics from TCSAX 7. read more

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TCSAX 7 Photo Recap


This past Sunday, the Minnesota sneaker community converged upon the brand-new Mayo Clinic Square for the 7th installment of Studiiyo23‘s Twin Cities Sneaker Art Xchange. With lots of heat on feet and on the sneaker tables, dope goods and apparel, and plenty of music, it was an afternoon to be remembered. Here’s a few of our favorite shots of the crowd, tables, scenery, and musicians that made the afternoon so enjoyable.




You’ve got to flex at your own event, and Moh brought the heaters out. read more

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