Photo Recap: ITS Fest

gallery 13

This past Thursday, ITS Fest took place at Gallery 13 in downtown Minneapolis. Photographers, designers, artists, and writers from all over the city came together to celebrate the arrival of summer, soak up the good vibes, listen to music…and last but not least, eat some Cane’s. Here’s everything that went down at the event, in photos.

dj blue

DJ JRed made sure the vibes were right, as he spun everything from Chief Keef to A$AP Rocky.

jumping around

The crowd was ready to get turnt.

yachty malone

It wasn’t just a DJ set either. Several rappers took their turns blessing the mic.

juice in action

Everyone loves Polaroids. Juice was holding it down all through the event.

juice dropping off

Post-photo conversation.

polaroid in hand



Squad pt 2. Mirrors make for some dope photo ops. As you can see, I’m really focusing on getting the shot.

photo inception

Taking a photo of Delawes taking a photo of a photo. Double inception?


The homies. Always good to catch up with day 1 KicksOneTwo supporters.

art middle finger

Arguably the dopest piece of art we saw all evening.

3 art pieces

Isn’t the wooden piece in the middle a fantastic backdrop for photos?

deck art

Hand-made mask, and a hand-painted skate deck. Vastly different, but both wavy.

hand-painted shirt

The art wasn’t just hanging on the walls. The homie Gerald was rocking his own hand-painted NSOD denim shirt.

hands up dont shoot

We also spotted this amazing hand-painted jean jacket. Don’t shoot.

revenge tee

REVENGE was heavily involved and brought some of their tees to display as well.

ITS Fest was a big success, and a very enjoyable evening. Shouts to Philli, Juice, Delawes, and everyone else who made the evening possible. We’ll definitely catch you all at the next one!


What was your favorite part of ITS Fest? Was it the music, the people, the art, the photography, or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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