TONIGHT: “Kithland”, Kith’s First Ever Runway Show


We love Kith here at KicksOneTwo. Their aesthetic is sporty yet clean and refined, they crank out consistently good product year after year, and they’re always cooking up crazy collabs, like their recently announced Bergdorf Goodman partnership, consisting of a Kith shop within the legendary store, and a co-branded line of apparel. Ronnie Fieg stays winning, and despite all the naysayers … he can do no wrong.

So, needless to say, we were thrilled when the news broke that Kith would be hosting their first-ever runway show, “Kithland” during New York Fashion week. We were even more stoked when it was announced that Kithland would be live-streamed on the Kith website for those of us not lucky enough to be in New York for the event.

And now that day, September 13th, is upon us. The Kithland show is going down tonight, at 9:30 PM ET (that’s 8:30 CT for those of you who aren’t as good at your time zones), and it’s sure to be a memorable event for any sneaker/clothing lover. “Beach”, “City”, and “Mountain” will be the three main aesthetics, providing inspiration for the pieces and hinting at new Kith locations.

What new pieces will Kith debut? Will there be any new footwear? Will we get a peek at some upcoming collabs? Will there be a myriad of celebrity sightings? Will Ronnie’s pieces translate well from the streets to the runway? There’s a lot of questions to be asked, and they’ll be answered tonight. Be sure to head over to the Kith site so you can live-stream the event and see what’s going on firsthand. We’ll be watching intently.


What about Kithland excites you the most? What do you think you’ll see at Kith’s first-ever runway show? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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