To Plug Or Not To Plug?

In the sneaker world today, it’s important to have a plug. With all the hype surrounding certain releases, you can’t always manage to get the sneakers you want on your own, you need a little help sometimes. That’s where your plug comes in: whether they work at Foot Locker, Finish Line, or just have connections, it can be crucial to have that helping hand.

On the flip side of the situation, maybe you’re the guy who is being asked to plug people. You’re in a position that enables you to get the sneakers that you want, and you’ve got people hitting you up frequently for help with releases. I’ve been in that position before, and wanted to share my two cents on the topic.

First off, you’ve got to be selective with who you plug. Lots of people will want your help with various sneakers, and you can’t help everyone. The most important question to ask yourself before you plug someone (unless of course they’re a close friend): can they help me out in the future?

With the way the game is nowadays, even if you have the ability to plug people, you’ll likely need a plug at some point in time for some sneaker. Therefore, plug people who can help you out later with a shoe you might not be able to get. Not only are you doing them a solid, you can call for a favor later if you need it. It’s a give and take.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to get any sneaker you wanted hassle-free, but that’s sadly just not the case. Be selective with your plugs, and it’ll help you out in this crazy sneaker game.


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