Jordan Brand Price Increase?

On Friday, Sole Collector broke the news that in 2015 (the 30th year of business for Jordan Brand), they plan to “re-master” their product as they know the quality of some of the recent retros has not been up to par. This is notable for two reasons: First….They admitted it! They knew they were making low-quality product and it wasn’t up to snuff. Secondly, with this supposed “increase in quality” comes a price increase of about 10-15%, according to¬†Dave Schecter, the VP of footwear for Jordan.

Understandably, most have mixed feelings about this news. Although nobody would disagree that increased quality on retros is a great thing, it does bring about hard feelings because Jordan brand essentially admitted that they weren’t making the best quality products. Although this is partially our fault as consumers, snapping up everything they drop even though we know the quality isn’t up to par, it’s still frustrating when the brand admits they didn’t give us the best product that they could.

And of course, nobody likes the 10-15% price hike. Collecting kicks isn’t a cheap hobby. Now we’re looking at $170-$190 a pair, which borders on crazy. Will it put some collectors out of the game? We’ll just have to wait and see.

It’ll be interesting to see the “better quality” new models when they drop, and what the reaction to the price changes will be when they actually take effect. The team at KicksOneTwo will be sure to bring you any updates, and let you know our thoughts as well.


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