Thoughts On The Supreme Fall/Winter Drop

By now, you’ve probably heard about Supreme‘s Fall/Winter 2014 drop. You’ve maybe even seen the photo galleries of the apparel, accessories, and headwear over on Hypebeast.

In the fast-moving world of streetwear, it’s already somewhat old news even though the picture galleries just arrived a few days ago. So why did I wait to write my thoughts on it, you ask? It’s pretty simple: I needed a little time to fully digest how dope the collection is.

I feel like I find myself saying this ever time Supreme releases a lookbook for their upcoming collection, but they really killed it on this one. Most of the offerings are on point, and the select few that aren’t quite as dope are still pretty solid, just not very original.

What I’ve seen so far of the T-shirts I like. I’ll be needing one of the KRS-One collab tees, so hopefully I can manage to snag one before all the 14 year old kids who’ve never heard one of his songs in their life use their mom’s credit cards to get them all.

The outerwear is on point too. The jacket offerings are strong, and the Ruff Riders collab hockey jersey is a must as well. There are also some dope accessories that I might look at as well, from the coffee mug to the engraved Zippo lighter.

The one part that I felt they could have came a little more correct with is the headwear. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad at all. I was just hoping to see more original fitteds, and less 5-panels and camp caps, but that’s partially my personal preference to fitteds as I have a large head and camp caps don’t fit me very well.

All in all, a very solid collection. There are a few pieces I’m going to need to add to my collection, and I hope I’ll have the chance to do so. If you haven’t yet, hit the links in the top paragraph to check out all the photo galleries. You’re certain to see something that you like.


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