Stepping On Jordans Prank: Why It’s Stupid.

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen the video: Two idiots head out to play pranks on people by stepping on their shoes, and calling it a “joke”. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is below. I’ll give you a few minutes.

Alright, so now you’ve seen it if you hadn’t before. Pretty damn stupid, right? This “prank” really got on my nerves for a few reasons, and I thought I’d air them out.

First off, the title of the video. “Stepping On Jordans in the Hood Prank?” Are you serious? I wasn’t aware that being “in the hood” as these two douchebags claim to be had anything to do with someone’s reaction when you step on their shoes. I don’t consider myself a “hood” individual, but if someone¬†deliberately stepped on my shoes, you better believe that there would be a problem. And it’s not even because I love my shoes and take care of them: it’s a respect thing, plain and simple.

If you willingly stomp on someone’s feet, it’s a sign of disrespect. Not only are you violating their personal space, you’re doing it purposely. I can’t help why these guys seem surprised by the reactions they’re getting. You do that stuff to the wrong person, and you’re liable to wind up getting knocked out.

Another reason this bothers me is because it seems to be another chance for the general populace to look down upon sneaker culture (even though none of the guys in this video are “sneakerheads” per se, they’re just people hanging out who happen to be wearing Jordans) while they hem and haw and say things like “there go those sneaker-head nuts again, doing their senseless sneaker stuff”. The way the video is shot and edited makes it look like the people reacting to having their shoes stepped on are the assholes when it’s really the people¬†initiating the conflict that deserve that moniker.

Really, at the end of the day, it just all boils down to being a decent person. A “prank” is no reason whatsoever to disrespect someone and try to make them look foolish. I, for one found the video very ignorant, and I can’t say I’d be sad if one of the two pranksters gets stomped out next time they try something so asinine.

Let’s all keep it positive, and not go around stomping on one another’s shoes!



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