Happy Halloween! Sneaker Horror Stories

Happy Halloween, KicksOneTwo fam!

We figured that as Haloween is a time of “horror” in some aspects (word to Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees), it was only right to include a list of “sneaker horrors” that most sneakerheads have had to deal with at least once or twice. Enjoy the list, and have a very happy Halloween! If you can think of any other funny “sneaker horrors”, please feel free to let us know in the comments!

-When your shoes show up in the mail, and look like B-grades.

-When a homie tries on your shoes without asking

-When you realize you still own a pair of Dubzeros or Fusions.

-When your shoes crease up terribly after just one wear

-When you wear a fresh pair to the bar and someone spills a drink on them

-When you’re wearing a rare pair to a social event and someone else has got the same pair on

-When you just can’t get that perfect shot for Instagram

-When you feel that squish and look down to discover you’ve stepped in dog shit

-When you’re on the Kith website right on time and still don’t get your shoes

-When you realize you actually do need a bot to get anything on NDC

-When you hear some B-list celebrity has a collab dropping

-When someone asks if you can get them Bred XI’s

-When you see you didn’t make the Top 25 Sneaker Pictures Of The Week on Complex

-When you realize you just sold the house to buy a pair of fakes

-When someone who’s really not about that life tries to argue with you about kicks

-When you realize that limited collab you pulled out all the stops to get really isn’t all that cool in person

-When you realize that you’re not the only person who’s thought about painting the midsole of a shoe black

-When you see a friend trying to flex in an awful pair of fakes

-When you have to sell a shoe that you really love


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