There’s Nothing Like That First Pair Of Jordans

I gave my mom her first pair of Jordans this week.

Why’s that, you might ask? It was her birthday, and being the sneaker fiend that I am I figured that a dope pair of kicks would make for a great present. Plus, they were Jordan I Highs. Everyone loves Jordan I Highs. From sneakerheads to skaters to people who really don’t care about sneakers at all, you really can’t go wrong.

Plus there’s nothing quite like that first pair of Jordans. Some people might get them when they’re still waddling around, not 1oo percent sure how to walk. Some might get them as a Christmas present. Some might not even get their first pair until they’re well into their 30’s.

Any way out of it, it’s special. A pair of Jordans is so much more than just a plain old pair of sneakers. It’s a way of life. You can say so many different things with your Jordans, from “I’m a hooper” to “Hey, look at me. I’ve got a pair of shoes that are worth well over $500 on.” You can be whatever you want to be with a great pair of shoes on your feet.

Jordans tie in with so many great things, be it basketball, hip-hop, skate, or really almost any other subculture. They’ve made themselves extremely visible in the mainstream’s consciousness, while still somehow managing to remain “underground” and cool to those who hold more than a passing interest in them.

And when you get that first pair, it’s something special. No matter how many pairs you’ve gotten since then, or how many years ago it was, you never forget that very first one. It’s a special moment for sure, and I’m glad that I was able to pass on that special moment to someone else. Hopefully my mom rocks the heck out of those Knicks I’s. They look dope with some wear on them.



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