Flight Club: What It’s All About

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of/visited (either online or in person)/bought from Flight Club. One of the most well-known sneaker stores in the world, they have everything from rare SB’s to promo Teyana Taylor Adidas.

It’s pretty great that there’s a shoe store that has almost everything a sneakerhead can dream of. However, sometimes questions arise. Why’s Flight Club so expensive? Where do they get their shoes from? I’d be more than happy to answer those questions, and let you know about how a store like Flight Club does business as well.

The first rule of Flight Club is you do not talk about Flight Club. Corny movie puns aside, the first thing you should know about Flight club is that it’s a consignment store. What does that mean, you may ask? Basically what it means is that sneakerheads and collectors bring their shoes into Flight Club and let them handle the marketing and selling, as they have a platform that enables them to reach potential buyers all over the world.

Although this is great it does drive up the prices. See, the seller takes 80% of the money when the shoe sells, and Flight Club takes 20% as well. This can drive prices up, as the seller will usually increase the price of the shoe by at least 20% so they can get their desired amount of money. Does a price look high to you? Subtract 20% of it, and if it looks reasonable, it’s a pretty fair deal.

Why would you want to pay that extra money? It eliminates the hassle of buying aftermarket shoes. When you buy something from Flight Club, you know that the shoe is authentic, in great condition, and ready to be shipped out as soon as possible. It simplifies the process considerably, and that’s why so many people will pay the extra charge and do business there. Don’t want to deal with shipping? Two local Minneapolis stores, Studiiyo23 and Piff MPLS offer consignment services as well, and even though they don’t carry quite as wide of a variety of shoes as Flight Club does, their prices (especially Studiiyo23’s) are usually less expensive.

So there you have it. The basics of Flight Club and selling shoes on consignment. Next time if you’re in the market, consider going the consignment route! You can save yourself a lot of unnecessary hassle.


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