Virtual Communities: Facebook Sneaker Groups

You’re most likely a part of at least one, and there’s a decent chance you’re part of three or more. No, I’m not talking about World Of Warcraft guilds or Destiny raid teams (word to KicksOneTwo’s own Jahmade). I’m talking about Facebook sneaker groups.

They’re pretty great. Although nothing beats making deals and talking about kicks face to face, it’s not always possible. Sneaker groups are a great way to bring a local or nationwide community of people who love kicks together, and give them a place to buy, sell, trade, and just shoot the shit.

However, some sneaker groups struggle to remain consistent. There are many things that can happen to ruin a group, and they’re all over the map.

One way a group can go downhill is if far too many members are added. When a group accepts members rapidly, the core group of people that got everything rolling can sometimes get buried under an avalanche of people trying to stake their claim to whatever they hope to achieve in the group.

Another way a group can take a turn for the worst is if reselling is allowed to run rampant. Although resellers are part of the sneaker game and can’t be completely eliminated unless hype goes away (which obviously will never happen), their unchecked taxing can ruin a group. Some people come to the defense of said reseller (usually someone he plugged) while others demand his ousting from the group for taxing, which drives a wedge in the group.

A third way a group can be taken apart is if the general topic of the group strays too far away from sneakers. Although most sneakerheads have common interests, it can reach a point in a group where nobody talks about sneakers or sneaker related topics anymore, and the purpose of the group is lost.

Why does this matter, you ask? Because, like I stated in the first paragraph a good solid sneaker group can be a great thing. You can meet great people with common interests, and it’s a place for you to shamelessly geek out about something you’re passionate about without judgement. So be a good member of any Facebook sneaker groups you’re a member of, and try to make sure everyone else does the same.


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