Best Sneakers Of The Year #3: Jordan x Fragment Design AJI

fragment 1

It hasn’t even released yet, but here it is, #3 on my Top 5 Kicks Of 2014 list. “Why?” you might be saying. “Why would you rank a shoe that hasn’t even dropped yet so highly?” Well there’s a few reasons for that, and if you read on, you’ll find out.

First and foremost, as you know if you’ve read almost any other article on the site, the Jordan I is my favorite Jordan model of all time. Nothing else even comes close. Crispy and brand new or beaten up and dirty, they look great either way, and the silhouette really works with anything.

Second of all, word has it that this is the first “remastered” shoe that Jordan Brand will be releasing. Although I’m not thrilled that everyone will be paying extra for the quality that the shoes should have been in the first place, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t interested in seeing exactly what they plan to do with this remastering effort.

Thirdly, it’s a very simple and clean pair of kicks that can be worn with almost any outfit. Hiroshi Fujiwara, the man behind Fragment Design and one third of Nike’s famed HTM group worked his usual magic and produced a shoe that is very simple and somewhat straightforwards, but extremely clean at the same time. This is a shoe that will work in any season.

All that adds up to make a shoe that’s going to be a crazy release. Although these are very limited and will be releasing at very few doors (likely none at all in Minnesota), I’m going to try my very best to get my hands on a pair. Who knows, maybe I can even get lucky on the Nike website!

You can’t deny a clean, well-executed colorway on a classic silhouette when you see one, and when you strip everything else away, that’s exactly what this shoe is, and why it ranks at #3 on my Top 5 Kicks Of 2014.

Agree? Disagree? As always, drop a comment if you’ve got any thoughts or opinions on the matter. Be sure to check back soon for the #2 sneaker of 2014!


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