The Evolution Of Sneakers And One’s Personal Style

Let me start by saying this is a fun topic to discuss and muse upon. Sneakers and style are two of my very favorite things, and when you bring them together it just works, like peanut butter and jelly, or Shawn Carter and Kanye West. However, bringing them together can prove a challenge. You’ve gotta make sure your sneakers work with your outfit, and your outfit works with your sneakers. Let’s spend some time talking about personal style, and the sneaker choices that go along with it.

As you get older and your influences and style change, your sneaker choices tend to change with it. When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with basketball. All I rocked was jerseys with the matching shoes. If I had on an Allen Iverson¬†jersey, there were some Answers on my feet. As I grew older, and was influenced by mid-2000’s hip hop style, I would rock an oversized white tee, and some white mid-top Air Force 1’s (To be honest, I’m still ashamed to admit that. Oversized white tees are tacky, and the AF1 mid is a pretty gross shoe).

Nowadays, I like to think my personal style is grown up. I borrow from people that inspire me, like Pharrell and Ronnie Fieg, and I mainly aim for retro Jordans, Nike Sportswear releases, and vintage-style running shoes.

Where am I going with this tangent about my personal style, you may ask? Worry not, it ties back in to what I mentioned in the first paragraph. There’s a pretty good chance that you, dear reader (always wanted to say that), have changed your style several times over your life. You’ve likely been inspired by different people and things, and the way you dress reflects that.

And if you’ve considered it or not, your sneaker choices should too. If you’re going for a minimalistic, monochromatic look, it’s unlikely you’re lacing up a pair of Lebron 12’s. If you’re still one of those guys who rocks all Nike gear, there’s not a very good chance that you’ve got some New Balance on feet.

You may not have noticed it before, but it’s really fun to see how your influences have evolved and changed over the years. I’d bet they’re not the same that they were back in middle school.

So take a look back and think about how your style and sneaker choices have evolved over the years. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll see how your way of dressing and the sneakers you pick have evolved, and there’s a high probability of you getting a good laugh or two at your past self.


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