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At some point in your life, someone who might have been older and wiser than you has most likely told you that there are certain things that you shouldn’t discuss. In that list of things, the person who might have been older and wiser than you most likely included politics, religion, and sports. Those can all be somewhat taboo subjects. People have strong feelings about all three of those topics, and they can lead to some heated arguments.

Another topic that falls in with that group just might be style. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the slightest way saying you shouldn’t discuss style with someone who may have a different perspective on it than you do. As a matter of fact, I never agreed with these “older and wiser” folks because I found it very enjoyable to discuss all the topics listed in that first paragraph that were supposed to be off-limits.

Why can style be a touchy subject, you may ask? Well first, it’s important that we hash out the difference between style and fashion. Style is very personal and subjective. It’s your look. It varies for everyone, and everyone has their own take on it. Fashion is what’s “in” and “trendy”, like putting hashtags on clothing, using the Goosebumps font, or the “street goth” movement.

Since style is important, many people have a strong opinion on it. I personally love a more muted look. Black, grey, and navy blue are my favorite colors to rock. I like colorful and wacky shit, but I don’t rock it quite as much as simple color palates. However someone else might love wearing crazy, colorful neon shit, a la RiFF RAFF. That’s their own personal style, and just because I wouldn’t rock it doesn’t mean it can’t be cool for someone else.

Same goes for brands. I love Supreme, Kith, and Billionaire Boys Club, but I really don’t rock with brands like Diamond¬†and Neff, and I ain’t really fuckin’ with that Been Trill (word to Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye II). However, those may very well be someone else’s three favorite brands.

So when you talk about style, try to keep an open mind. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work really well for someone else. And by being open-minded about style, you might pick up a few dope ideas!


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