Too Many Releases

It’s impossible to keep up nowadays.

No matter how much sneaker money you’ve set aside or how often you’re checking the release calendar, there’s just too much going on to keep up with every release.

I’ve touched on the oversaturation of certain sneaker collections and how to be more selective with your sneaker purchases in previous articles, but I felt that it was only right to write a piece on how there are just too many releases nowadays. The market has never been more saturated.

Every weekend, there’s at least three or four sneakers coming out, and that’s not even counting the shoes that drop on random weekdays all through the year. Take a look at this weekend, for example. Some might go as far as to say that it’s a slower weekend, but even with that you’ve got the Jordan Oreo IV’s tomorrow, and my guy Ronald Fieg¬†dropping two colors of the Asics Gel Sight today for the launch of his WCP (sidenote: I LOVE the WCP kicks, especially the Atlantic. That navy pigskin suede…lord have mercy).

However, the saturation of the market as a whole is reaching absolutely crazy levels. Sneaker companies are releasing more and more colors and styles, and most of them are getting snapped up. We’re getting rained on with kicks, and it looks like that rain is only going to get heavier and heavier as time goes on.

Please don’t think that this piece is me grumbling about the sneaker game as a whole. I just occasionally wish that the stream of releases would slow to a trickle every once in a while. With all these new kicks hitting the market with somewhat alarming frequency, it can be hard to stay afloat and on top of what’s going on. Slow down a little bit on the releases, and step up the quality and execution as a whole. It’ll be good for the game.


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