Quality Over Quantity

I know the feeling. You watch a new episode of Sneak Peek, or walk inside your friend’s house and see his boxes of sneakers stacked to the ceiling, and think “Damn, I’ve gotta get some more kicks. Believe me, I’ve been there.

However, I’m here with an important message for you today, and that message is quality over quantity. Yeah, you heard me right, quality is way more important than quantity.

What am I trying to say, you might ask? Well it’s actually pretty simple. I’m saying that the quality of the kicks in your collection is way more important than how many pairs you have. Buying shoes takes no special talent. Anyone with some money in their pocket can run through the mall and drop a few hundred dollars for 4-5 pairs of shoes. Do that enough, and before you know it, you’ll have a wall full of kicks in your room.

However, that’s not as great as it might sound right off the bat. Would you rather have three valuable pairs of kicks that you rock a lot and get your money’s worth out of, or would you rather have a stack of pairs that you never wear? If your answer is the latter, you’re not really about this life.

Although part of the fun of collecting sneakers is having an overwhelmingly large collection that all your friends are jealous of, it’s not the end-all be-all. It’s much better to have a smaller amount of limited and valuable pairs. You’re not any more or less of a sneakerhead if you have 10 pairs or 100 pairs in your collection. It’s about the knowledge of the sneakers, and also what they mean to you.

So next time you’re thinking about grabbing a few pairs, mull it over. Make sure that they’re something that you really want and will get your money’s worth out of, not just pairs that you’re grabbing to increase your stacks. It may be fun in the short run, but quality over quantity is always the way to go in the long run.


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