The Supreme Hype Is Out Of Hand

Everyone who knows anything about streetcar knows and loves Supreme. A brand that’s never sold out (still only available through their webshop) and remained true to its core ethics no matter how popular it’s become, James Jebbia’s brainchild represents the best of streetwear.

Supreme has always been somewhat difficult to purchase. Hyped pieces and collaborations with brands from Nike┬áto Comme Des Garcons┬ásell out within seconds, and if you’re not quick enough on the drop you’ll have to be prepared to pay more than twice the retail value. It’s part of the fun of purchasing Supreme: if you want a hyped piece, you’ll have to be quick.

However, there’s been a troubling trend with the past few drops. It seems that any piece that’s halfway decent will now sell out within a moment’s notice. We’re not talking about limited edition or collaborative pieces, we’re talking about a basic t-shirt or some accessories.

Why is this, you might ask? Simple. The desire for Supreme is growing and growing. People want Supreme so much that they’ll snap up anything they can get their hands on, regardless of how much they like and want it. The hype machine seems to be at an all time high, and this can lead to frustration.

Supreme is one of my favorite brands. I own several pieces (the black Foamposites being the most valuable), and I try to cop at least one piece from every collection. However, I’m not a Supreme stan by any stretch of the imagination. If they put out something I’m not too fond of, I won’t purchase it simply because it’s Supreme.

It seems more and more people are purchasing just for the name recognition nowadays, and although this is somewhat inevitable, it can be frustrating. Although anyone can buy Supreme, not everyone can understand what makes it unique and special. Do your research, learn something about the brand, and don’t just cop for copping’s sake. You’ll appreciate the pieces you purchase that much more.


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