Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Sneakers?

The more the better. That seems to be what most sneaker collectors say. The more rare kicks you have in your collection, the better it is. 50 pairs? 100 pairs? 500 pairs? 1000+ pairs? No big deal. Keep racking the shoes up.

However, a question arises: Is there such a thing as too many sneakers? Can you reach a point where you have an excessive amount? It’s not out of the question, but when do you know things are getting out of hand?

Let’s start by looking at Jon Hundreds, brother of The Hundreds co-founder Bobby Hundreds. Jon is known for his massive sneaker collection, and if you haven’t heard of him (or checked out his sneaker-heavy Instagram page), here’s a 2-part episode of Sneak Peek that he was featured in to bring you up to speed.

There’s no denying it, Jon’s got a lot of heat. The kind of heat that’ll make you jealous. The kind of heat that you can only dream about. He seems like a really good dude too. He knows and loves his kicks, and appears to be a very affable guy.

However, his whole house is covered in shoes. He doesn’t even seem to have enough room for anything but his shoes. He’s got more shoes than he can ever possibly wear, organize, or even remember, and it’s like watching a strange episode of Hoarders.

These videos are a great example of when collecting goes overboard. There’s nothing wrong with having a ridiculous amount of sneakers (I personally own over 100 pairs, and have friends who have even more). However, everything must be kept in context. Don’t let your thirst for shoes take over your life. Don’t stack your house so full that there are shoes bursting from every single nook and cranny. That’s not a good look. Keep everything clean and organized….and most importantly, try to wear everything that you didn’t buy just for the sake of collecting. That’s the best way to enjoy your kicks.


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