If I Could Only Save Three Shoes

Hypothetical situation: Your house/apartment is burning down. If you live with anyone else, they’ve gotten out safe, and you’ve taken most of your stuff out with you…except for your shoes. And you’re running low on time. Like really low on time. You’ve got just enough time to go back in and get three pairs of your kicks out. What would you take? Well, if I could only save three shoes out of my whole collection, these are the shoes that I’d pick.

1. Jordan I “Bred” 


First thing I’m doing when I go back in there? I’m grabbing my Breds. Not only are they my favorite kicks of all time, but they go perfect with any sort of fit. How could you go wrong with a sneaker like that? You really can’t.

2. Nike Flyknit Trainer “Multicolor”


After the Breds are saved from becoming a charred mess, I’m grabbing my Flyknit Trainers. I’ve always gotta have Flyknits on hand, and the multiknit trainers are by far my favorite pair that I have.

3. Nike x Supreme Foamposite One


Can’t leave a rare pair of Foams to get burned to a crisp. The Supreme foams are an ill sneaker…and they’re the most valuable sneaker that I own too. Worst comes to worst, I flip them and start using the money to rebuild my collection…or I just say “to hell with it” and rock them all the time just for stunting’s sake.

So there you have it. If I could only save three shoes, it would be Bred I’s, Multicolor Flyknit Trainers, and Supreme Foamposite Ones. Other kicks like A$AP Rocky JS Wings and Black/Gum I’s came close, but just didn’t make the cut.

The question is….what would you save if you could only bring three pairs with you? Drop a comment or let me know on Twitter! It’ll lead to some interesting discussion.


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