Expanding Horizons

I think it’s time to expand my horizons, as far as writing goes.

“What are you talking about?” you may be saying. “What do you mean, expand your horizons?”

It’s actually pretty simple. I’m just going to write about more topics when it strikes my fancy.

When I started this website over a year ago, I wanted to create a place on the internet that produced content that was relative to the Twin Cities sneaker head. Everyone from the die-hard collector to the kid with a passing interest in sneakers would be able to read and enjoy any of the content on the page. This is still the mission.

However, I think it’s important to explore all aspects of street culture, and even what’s going on in the world as a whole on this website.

I’m greatly inspired by the successful blog run by The Hundreds. Although most of their content is focused on sneakers, clothing and street culture, they occasionally branch out into unrelated topics, and the content is that much better for it. You can head to their site to read about the newest kicks and gear, what’s going on in music and film, and even get an opinion on current events. They touch base on everything without losing track of what their core mission is, and that’s what I aim to do as well.

So if you see an article that seems to be out of left field, bear with it. I’ll do my best to give a complete reading experience and touch on as many topics as I possibly can. Although the vast majority of the posts you’re going to be seeing are about sneakers and street culture (that’s why I started this site in the first place after all), there might be something less expected but still relevant to our local Twin Cities scene, like the story I wrote in the past about Bar Louie’s dress code.

Thanks for sitting through that explanation, and of course, thanks for rocking with me and my site. I’ll have something new and fresh up every single day at 8 AM, and have plans for some great stuff these next few weeks.


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