Jogger Pants: Are They Still Relevant?

The jogger pant. An essential in many wardobes. Goes great with all kinds of kicks.

Yes, the jogger pant is a staple piece in street and sneaker culture. But where do they stand? A few years back, they were a must-have item. Nowadays everyone from Abercrombie to True Religion makes them, and you can find them on clearance at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

The question then arises: Are they still relevant? Do they have the same pull they did back when they came storming on the scene? It’s an interesting question, and one that deserves further investigating.

For those who don’t know, the jogger pant originally gained popularity in Europe, where sneakerheads would pinroll their jeans to ensure that their kicks were fully on display. This was soon followed by pants with an elastic cinch at the bottom, or the modern-day “jogger”. The jogger fully caught in in the US when Kith¬†released their extremely popular Mercer Pant. Sneakerheads all over the country realized that a cuff at the ankle put the spotlight firmly on their kicks, and started trading in their denim for joggers. The trend grew and grew, with brands like Kith, Publish, and Zanerobe leading the charge. Even Nike released their own jogger sweatpants, the wildly popular Tech Fleece.

But like all good trends, things got saturated. Every major mall chain and boring brand started chugging out jogger pants as fast as they could possibly produce them, and the bubble burst. Although you’ll still see lots of kids wearing joggers at any mall in America these days, you’re not going to see as many sneakerheads or fashionistas rocking the cuffed pant.

So now that the backstory is in place, we can revisit the original question. Is the jogger pant still relevant? 

The answer is yes. Although they don’t hold the same status they used to, they’re still very relevant. A nice pair of khaki or fleece joggers will always be acceptable. Kith Mercers, Nike Tech Fleece, or John Elliot Escobar sweats will always be acceptable.

You might not look as ahead of the curve as you once did, but if you like the fit, keep rocking them. At very least you’ll know your kicks are on full display!


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