The Thirst Is Real: Everyone Loves The Jordan I

If you were in the market for a pair of “Chicago” Jordan I’s this weekend, you already know how it went. Everyone from your friends to your neighbor’s mother to your 7th grade math teacher were in the market for a pair. The promise of remastered quality on a classic sneaker was hard for even the most casual sneakerhead to ignore.

The hype was so real that Nike even canceled the online release (along with the release of the “Pinnacle” I’s) to ensure that they weren’t all snapped up by bots. Sizes were very limited in Minnesota, and those lucky folks with winning raffle tickets must have felt like they were holding a Golden Ticket for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

This was an interesting release weekend for several reasons. First off, the resellers. It seems that as soon as they were snapped up, the shoes were online for $300 and up. It’s been a while since a Jordan I commanded that price on release day, as solid winter releases like the black/gum and “Family Forever” I’s hovered around retail.

The second reason it was an interesting release weekend is because even people who aren’t normally too jazzed on I’s seemed incredibly excited to get their hands on a pair. Although I’s are the best Jordan of all time (in my humble opinion), some people don’t seem to give them the respect that they deserve. It’s nice to see sneakerheads going crazy for a classic shoe like this instead of some wildly-colored new release.

So here’s my overall take on it: I love that the I got a chance to shine. It’s been out for 30 years, and is still the best Jordan on the market. However, the downside is since the thirst is so high, it’ll be impossible to get any I’s for a decent price anytime in the near future.

I personally buy my I’s to wear (as do many people), and it’s never fun when the price of a shoe you get a lot of use out of gets jacked up by hypebeasts and thirsty resellers.

So here’s hoping two things. First that the next I’s that release are as crispy as these, and secondly that the thirst dies down. I can never have enough I’s in my collection.


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