Don’t Finesse The Sneaker Plug

Finessing the plug. A topic as old as time itself. Maybe you’ve got a way with words, or maybe you’re just a sneaky bastard. Whatever it may be, you’ve likely finessed the plug at least once or twice in your life.

While finessing the plug is somewhat normal when you’re in the market for a quarter or a half, it’s not something that you should be doing when you’re in the market for the newest Jordan I or whatever Adidas Kanye had on his feet last week (oh you hypebeast, you).

You see, the sneaker plug is a little different than other plugs you’ve came into contact with. They’re usually ¬†quiet, secretive, and somewhat hard to find. Why’s that, you may ask? It’s fairly simple. Usually they have to pull some strings themselves to get their hands on whatever sneaker it is that they’re looking for, and they’re only able to do that because they have some degree of anonymity. They might even be risking their own plug to plug you.

So there’s a few simple ground rules when it comes to dealing with your plug. The first one is to be respectful. Ask your plug for a shoe as soon as you know you want it. There’s no need to wait till the last minute, especially on a hyped shoe as it makes things more difficult than they need to be.

The second rule is to not crow about the plug. As stated above, the plug needs some level of anonymity to operate, whether he’s a local Foot Locker employee, or someone who works at the Nike campus in Oregon. You shooting your mouth off about the plug will make it harder for the plug to do what he does, which will likely mean less shoes for you.

The third rule of dealing with the plug? Don’t make outlandish requests. Sometimes there’s a shoe that you just flat-out know you won’t be able to get your hands on. Don’t hit your plug saying how much you “need” the shoes, and don’t refer to him/her as “fam” “homie” “bro” or any other endearing names.

It’s not too hard, is it? Didn’t think so. Now that you know how to act, it’s on you to find a plug. That’s the hard part.

Good luck.


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