The Joy Of Helping Your Friends Get Sneakers

Your homies. Your crew. The squad. The team. Gang gang gang. Whatever term you use to describe them, I’m talking about your friends.

If you’re lucky enough to have a close-knit group of friends, there’s a good chance that you’re probably into at least a few of the same things, and if you’re reading this article there’s a pretty good chance that you (and by association your friends) are into sneakers. So what am I getting at here, you ask? I’m here to tell you about the joy of helping your friends get sneakers. Sure, you want to get whatever new release you have your eyes on, but if one of the homies wants it too, throw them an oop every once in a while.

Have the ability to pre-order a rare pair of kicks? See if any of the homies want a pair. Win two raffles? Let someone you know grab one of them. Have a pair you don’t get a ton of use out of? Sell it for the dirt to someone who you know would rock ’em. Have a plug on something that you don’t need? Pass it on to a fellow sneakerhead.

The satisfaction you’ll get from throwing oops/helping out and seeing your friends stoked on a new pair of kicks they got is a thousand times more satisfying than grabbing a pair for yourself, no matter how limited they might be. If you’re in a position where you can help a friend grab some kicks that they really want, do it.

Today’s sneaker game is plagued with resellers and people who will try to tax on any release to make a quick buck. Take it back to the old days when everyone helped each other out. You won’t regret it one bit…and you’ll get some good sneaker karma coming your way too.



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