Comfort Showdown: Lunarlon Versus Boost

Lunarlon and Boost.

If you’re well-versed in running shoes, they’re the two types of foam cushioning that come to mind when you’re in the market for a soft-feeling and comfortable sneaker. But which one is better? Is it the long-standing Nike staple or the new Adidas challenger? We’ll compare them and decide on a winner right here and now. Tie up your comfiest pair, because we’re going to go ahead and get right to it.

First, we’ll start by seeing what each company has to say about their signature brand of foam.

Nike Lunarlon: Nike bills Lunarlon as a soft yet resilient foam core that’s encased within a supportive foam carrier for lightweight cushioning with a springy response and plenty of support. It’s 30% lighter than traditional Pylon (the foam used on most Nike shoes) cushioning, and allows for the force of impact to be more evenly distributed.

Adidas Boost: Adidas refers to their Boost technology as a revolutionary cushioning system that returns more energy per foot strike than traditional EVA foam. It’s also more resilient than standard foam, and will not lose its cushioning after multiple wears. Adidas promises that no matter the temperature or conditions, Boost will be the softest and most comfortable ride available.

Now that your ears have been stuffed full of all the marketing jargon that you can possibly handle, I’ll make it a little more personal: I frequently wear a pair of shoes with Lunarlon, as well as a pair of shoes with Boost foam (the Flyknit Lunar 1 and the Energy Boost Reveal to be specific).


Although they’re both incredibly comfortable shoes, they’re fairly different. The Flyknit Lunar I is soft, but has more of a structured, supportive feel due to the two different layers of foam in the midsole. The Energy Boost Reveal on the other hand is incredibly soft. If you haven’t had a shoe with Boost foam before, believe me when I say that it’s like walking on pillows.

So which one do I like better? It’s a close call, but for pure comfort, I’d have to lean towards the Energy Boost. Although the extra support in the Flyknit Lunar I’s is nice, it just can’t compete with the incredible soft feeling of the Boosts.

Looking at things from a more objective point of view, I’d still say the Boosts win. Even though Nike keeps cranking out dope shoes with Lunarlon (like the Flyknit Lunar 3), Boost technology is the hot running shoe tech of the moment….and they’re winning from a style point of view too, being put in heavy rotation by none other than Yeezus Christ himself, Kanye West.

The Boosts are the winner of this debate. Although you can never go wrong with Lunarlon, step outside of what you know and try a pair of Boosts if you haven’t yet. Your feet (and your style) will thank you profusely for it.


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