The Art of Complimenting Someone’s Shoes

So you’re walking through the mall, checking out all the stores have to offer with a dope fit on and a fresh pair of kicks on your feet. Aww yeah, it’s an un-deadstock kind of day. You stroll past the shops with a certain aura of confidence around you. You’re stunting on everyone and you know it. As you walk around, you smile at the fact that people’s eyes always seem to hit the ground when they pass you. You’re breaking everyone’s necks today. (If you haven’t realized yet, you’re having a pretty good day).

The majority of us sneakerheads have felt like this at one point or another. The problem that arises from this situation is that some people don’t know how to act when they come across someone having this type of day. Sure, there are the people that hit you with a “Nice shoes!” every once in a while, but there’s always that one dude that has to be weird about it.

In order to not be that dude, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts when complimenting somebody’s shoes.


– Keep it short and sweet

A simple “Dope kicks, man!” will always suffice.

– Ask simple questions about the pair

If you start chopping it up, go ahead and ask some questions about the shoes! Where they got them, how they got them, etc. Sneakerheads love talking about their kicks.

just keep it cool.


–  Act weird

Remember, it’s just a pair of shoes. Stay cool.

– Go crazy over them

You’ll look like an idiot if you start yelling, “DAAAAAMMMNNN, DOPE KICKS, FAM!!!” in a public area.

– Stare at the shoes

Sure, it’s a super dope pair and there’s no problem with taking a couple looks. Just don’t be that guy that can’t take his eyes off the shoes. Next thing you know you’re running into a stand and knocking over all of the displayed merchandise. Now you really look like an idiot.

– Ask if you can touch the shoes

Not even if the suede looks extra-buttery or the leather extra-tumbled.

– Ask to try them on

I know they look dope and you want to know how they feel on foot, but…. C’mon man!


So there it is! You can always compliment someone’s shoes, but keep it cool, and don’t come off as thirsty. There’s levels to this.

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