Facebook Etiquette (2nd Installment)

What’s up everyone?? It’s Bobby here, back again with a second installment of my newly-formed Facebook Etiquette series. (You can check out the first installment here). I don’t know how many editions of Facebook Etiquette I’ll have, but we’ll just roll with it anyways.

The lesson today is how to properly respond to a for sale post on a shoe that you’re interested in. I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of seeing people that are interested in the shoe say to the buyer, “Inbox me.”

Let me break it down for you in terms of myself and Ross. (I’ve seen Ross do this a few times, so this refresher will be good for him as well).

  • I post a sneaker for sale on Facebook.
  • Ross sees the heat I posted and decides he is interested in purchasing the sneaker.
  • Ross comments on my post, “Hit my inbox, fam.”
  • Bobby decides that Ross is probably a guy who is going to offer him half of what he was asking for his shoes, so Bobby never inboxes Ross. (Sidenote – Ross probably has “BallIsLife” as his middle name here, which just increases Bobby’s disinterest in selling his shoes to him).
  • Ross doesn’t get the sneakers.

Whatever you do – DO NOT be like Ross here. Remember, no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s buying or selling, in real life or on Facebook, it’s imperative that you present yourself as best as possible.

(Editor’s note: Mr. Cienik is treading an awfully fine line here. If he continues down this road, this may very well be the last time you ever see an article from him. He’ll be like the KicksOneTwo version of Petey Pablo and just flat-out disappear. On that note, does anyone have any idea where Petey Pablo is nowadays?)

Instead of telling the seller to inbox you, take the initiative and inbox the seller first! This shows your interest in the shoe and also shows you are serious about making a deal.

I don’t even understand why people just comment “Inbox” on for sale posts. Are you really too lazy to press a few buttons and inbox the seller first with a message about your interest in his shoes? I just don’t get it, man. Instead of commenting “Inbox me.”, just inbox him first.

That’s it for this edition of Facebook Etiquette. Like I said before, who knows how many more of these I’ll have. It’s all a matter of what I see on various Facebook sneaker groups that makes me mad or irks me at all. If you have any lessons you want me to teach, feel free to leave me a comment!

Until next time, remember that your middle name really isn’t “GetDatGuap”, and always inbox sellers first.

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