Garage Sale Dream

I love garage sales. Sure, the majority of them are filled with old baby clothes from kids that are now grown up, but there are plenty out there that contain some sweet stuff. The best part is that you never know what you’re going to find.

No matter how many garage sales I go to, I still can’t help but look through all of the shoes and clothing in hopes that I’ll find a grail or a really dope clothing piece. It might sound absurd, but I never stop hoping to find something that’s worth a crazy amount of money for a dirt cheap price. I’m talking deadstockĀ OG Jordan 1’s for $50, or something among those lines.

Now, living in Anoka has pretty much forced me to come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to be finding any Red October Yeezy’s for way under retail anytime soon. Even though I know that the odds are extremely small, however, I still keep going to garage sales all around the area with that dream in mind.

The same applies to antique stores. I really enjoy looking at all the old items that antique stores have to offer. However, for whatever reason, I always feel compelled to ask about the store’s sneaker inventory.

Maybe it’s just the American Picker inside of me that’s always hoping to find that big-ticket item in a garage sale, or maybe it’s a higher power telling me to keep looking because I’m gunna find something big one day, but the hunt and thrill of the search keeps me coming back.

Unfortunately, my searches have left me empty-handed so far. The only garage sale I’ve ever seen any sneaker heat at was my own. (Flex intended).

If you have seen any surprising sneaker or clothing related items for a great price at a garage sale, I’d love to know about it so please hit the comments! It would be very reassuring to know that not all garage sales are garbage sales!

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