No, I Won’t Plug You.

It happens a few times every year. There’s a limited sneaker that’s dropping and the thirst is real. Everyone and their mother wants a pair, and they’re frantically scrambling around trying to scrape together some way to make sure they get theirs.

If you’ve been in the sneaker game long enough, you have connections, and maybe even a little sway. You might….just MIGHT be able to pull a few strings and get a pair for yourself without too much hassle, and maybe if it’s a really good day you can secure a pair or two for a few other people you know as well. However, I speak from experience when I say that this is a blessing and a curse…and when it comes to a hyped release like this weekend’s “Pirate Black” Yeezy 350 Boosts, it tends to lean further towards the “curse” side of the equation.

Why’s that, you might ask? Well it’s simple. Usually within a week or so of the release, you start getting those texts. Those Facebook messages. Those Tweets. Maybe someone who’s feeling really adventurous might even slide into your DM’s.

They all start the same way…by beating around the proverbial bush (the sneakers). “Hey man”. “How you been, fam?” “What’s good dog?” “Yooooooo”.

Then, there’s some meaningless small talk. Once you manage to make it through the meaningless small talk (which is easier said than done), you get to the meat of the issue, where the person who’s asking tries to sidle into the request for the sneakers like you didn’t know what was coming all along.

“Say, do you think there’s a chance you could grab those Yeezys for me this weekend?” “What’s up with those Yeezys?” “You know what shoe I really like? The Yeezys. I don’t even cop kicks like that but I need those”. “Fam, those Yeezys are wet”.

My answer is short and simple (and yours should be too): No. That’s all you have to say. No. You don’t have to try and lighten the blow, just say what you need to say and keep it moving.

95 times out of 100, the people who will ask you for the plug on limited kicks don’t give a shit about you anyway. If they have to ask you for kicks in such a way, they should already know what the answer is. These are the types of people that only hit you up when they need something from you or it benefits them in some way, shape, or form. Plus, if you say yes to these types of people (even infrequently), you’ll only have more and more people hitting you up as time goes.

There will be instances when someone from the squad (shouts to the Voss Boys, you all know who you are…gang) needs a pair, but they already know you’ll take care of them, and they’ll speak to you about it as a friend. Help them out whenever possible. It’s the herbs that you might have encountered in the past that need to be put in their place when they come slithering up to you asking for an asinine favor, like a plug on some limited kicks.

Get your kicks, make sure your squad gets their kicks, and let everyone else take care of themselves. It’s the only way to operate when it comes to hyped sneakers.



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