My Current Beef With Nike

I’m mad.

We’re all about peace, love, and positivity here at KicksOneTwo, (word to Logic), but we’re also not afraid to toss some shade when needed. Granted, if I wasn’t applying for Nike in a few weeks, this article’s word choice would be a little bit different, but that aside I have some beef with them.

First: the pair of Free Flyknit 4.0’s I sent to their claims department. On both of the shoes, the rubber on the toe was worn down pretty badly. I’ve never had this happen to me before so I decided to send them in to see if I could get a product voucher. What did I have to lose, right?

I put the shoes in the original box, packaged them correctly with the claim number and everything, and shipped them off. I received an email a couple weeks later stating that the damage done was the result of friction and rubbing – a normal sign of wear and tear. Although I was disappointed I didn’t get that product voucher, I could live with it.

A few days later, I found a package on my doorstep from Nike. When I opened the package, I saw my shoes just sitting in there. I quickly realized that Nike didn’t return the shoe box. I understand that it’s just a shoe box, but you’ve got to be kidding me! As a loyal customer who entrusted Nike with my shoes, I expect everything to come back to me as I sent it. To not receive everything I sent is completely unacceptable. Plus I’m embarrassed that Nike stained one of my shoe boxes.

I called Nike customer service today and after a 20 minute hold, I was told to call corporate tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes. My hopes aren’t high. Nike 1, Bobby 0.

Second: their new raffle system. Granted, it is a good idea. I’m all for trying to shut down bots and get sneakers to those who want them. However, I’m never going to win. Hell, I’m already 0 for 1 with the new system. It seemed like the majority of people didn’t hit on the new raffle’s inauguration. I’m just glad I didn’t want those Bordeauxs. If I had won the raffle, I would’ve convinced myself to buy them just in case Nike blacklists people who don’t buy the shoes they won. Here’s to hoping that Nike is blacklisting plenty of people tomorrow!  Regardless, like I stated before, I’m never going to win one of these raffles. Nike 2, Bobby 0.

Third: their stupid little early access crap they pulled with the multicolor Flyknit Racers. In case you missed it, Nike sent out random emails to Nike+ members today. That email contained an access code to reserve a pair of Multicolor Flyknit Racers for purchase. Just like the new raffle system, I took another fat L. I don’t even have to say it anymore. Nike 3, Bobby 0.

And since we’re on the topic of me taking L’s from Nike, I’m about to take another one with this OVO Retro 10 release. There’s no way I’m getting these. Nike 4, Bobby 0.

Thanks, Phil.

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