The Top 5 “Sneaker Shopping” Episodes

sneaker shopping

Here at KicksOneTwo, we greatly enjoy any sneaker-related videos, and one of our favorite series is Complex‘s “Sneaker Shopping”. If you haven’t seen the show before, the concept is pretty straightforwards: Various celebrities go shopping for kicks with Complex’s own Joe La Puma, talk a little shop, and then grab a few pairs.

It’s a fun and easy way to see who knows what about shoes (some know a lot, some know nothing at all), and it also doubles as an enjoyable casual interview, as whoever is shopping for their kicks is usually relaxed and in a relatively benign mood.

So I got to thinking: What are the top 5 “Sneaker Shopping” episodes? Well, I figured it out, and I’ve got them listed here in order for you. If you haven’t seen them before, you’re in for a treat. If you have, enjoy them again. Without further ado….

5. Fat Joe

It’s only right to kick the list off with an OG, and Joey Crack has been collecting kicks for decades. He doesn’t drop the most knowledge in his segment, but he’s got a lot of personality (they talk about working out and his name is Fat Joe..think about it) and his maniacal laugh at 3:37 is one of the funniest moments of the series.

4. 50 Cent & G-Unit

Funny that Fat Joe would be the first on our list and then one of his arch rivals and his crew are next. Although 50 and his crew are all wealthy enough (even with the weird bankruptcy stuff that’s been going on lately) to buy whatever kicks they want, 50 scoffs at Flight Club‘s outrageously high prices, a move that any sneakerhead who refuses to pay resell can appreciate.

3. Karrueche Tran

The only lady to make an appearance in an episode of “Sneaker Shopping”, Karrueche is a refreshing change of pace from all the alpha-male types that dominate the series. Joe La Puma lightheartedly trolls her through most of the episode, which makes for some enjoyable back-and-forth banter. She’s drop-dead gorgeous too.

2. A$AP Rocky

Another unique episode, as Rocky is shopping for clothes instead of kicks. He comes through with a fire outfit,  drops knowledge on some high-end brands, and appears to throw shade at Virgil Abloh and Off-White due to some creative editing by the Complex video department. Rocky’s always been know as someone with a lot of personality, and it shines through in this video.

1. DJ Khaled

I know, I know. DJ Khaled? Really? DJ Khaled? The guy I love to bash so much? You got it. This is the most recent episode of “Sneaker Shopping”, and it’s the best one yet. Khaled blusters and bullshits his way through the whole segment, and he talks so much that Joe La Puma can hardly get a word in edgewise (be sure to watch him twice ignore when La Puma tries to question his sneaker credentials  at around 1:00), but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. The man clearly knows next to nothing about shoes, but he’s so loud and bombastic that the video is absolutely hilarious. A must-watch.


So there you have it. The top 5 episodes of Complex’s Sneaker Shopping. Did I leave one of your favorites off the list? Is someone on here that shouldn’t be? Drop a comment or let me know on Twitter!


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