Keep It 100

You know what the best thing about being a KicksOneTwo reader is?

It’s that we’re always going to keep it 8 more than 92 with you (that’s 100 for anyone out there who’s¬†mathematically challenged). We believe that honesty is the best policy, and we strive to make sure every piece we write is as brutally honest as possible.

There’s too many sites and “personalities” nowadays that seem to have lost their way, and shamelessly amp everything that a company puts out, either because they’re getting paid or because they’re getting sent free product (or they’re hoping to). There’s nothing worse than just turning into a corporate megaphone, and we’re never going to be doing that here.

Jordan Brand drops an inferior shoe? We’re lighting them up. Some famous sneakerhead (isn’t it weird that there’s such a thing) acting like a herb? They’re going to hear it too. We don’t take the mickey (google it if you don’t know) from anyone, and we don’t censor ourselves.

We’re all about expanding the community, and we believe the best way to do that is to be refreshingly and brutally honest. It’s corny as fuck and whack to sell out for more recognition and we won’t ever do it. Our integrity is far too important to us, and damn it, we just love sneakers and the Minnesota sneaker community too much to compromise it.

Sure, we’ve got our loyalties., but they’re people who’ve rocked with us that want the same thing we do: to push the scene forwards. We promise that you can come here at 8 AM every day, and get fresh, unfiltered, 100% honest content. That’s the best thing we can do for the Minneapolis sneaker scene, and we’re doing the very best we can to make that scene as dope as possible. If you’ve rocked with us and showed us support in any way, shape, or form..even if you’ve only ever read one article, thank you. We do it for you.


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