5 Of The Biggest Footwear Trends This Year


2015 is coming to a close, and it was a very interesting year for sneakers. Shoes that weren’t expected to sell out did. Shoes that were supposed to fly off the shelves are still sitting. If anyone told you that they knew what would catch on at the beginning of the year..well, they were lying. This year was vastly different from the last few, so we’re going to take a look back at 5 of the biggest footwear trends that occurred over the past 12 months.



Although the Roshe has been the go-to shoe for seemingly everyone the past few years, the Huarache is creeping right up behind it as one of the general populace’s favorite Nike models. Retro styling that still looks just as good today and an uber-comfy fit (go half a size up!) made for one of the most popular shoes of the year, with men’s and women’s colorways flying off the shelves.



Who would have ever thought that the Adidas Superstar, a shoe that was damn near ruined in the 00’s would become the it shoe of 2015? Much like the Stan Smith did last year, the Superstar took the sneaker world by storm. Apparently the new gold detailing did the trick, as finding a woman’s pair is borderline impossible nowadays, and men’s pairs aren’t much easier to come by.

Ultra Boosts


Back to back Adidas shoes? You got it. 2015 just might have been the year of Adidas, and they can thank Yeezus himself for making the Ultra Boost (arguably) the biggest shoe of 2015. The most comfy shoe you’ll find anywhere, the Ultra Boost combines a fashionable silhouette with next-level Boost and Primeknit tech to make one of the best and most wearable kicks on the market today.

Less Jordans


Nike flooded the market with several sub-par GR’s this year, and the results were as expected. Although they still sold, the fervor that surrounded them in past years didn’t ramp up as much this year, and it was not uncommon to see several models sitting on shelves. This wasn’t Jordan Brand’s best year, and one can only hope that 2016 brings better releases. Thankfully, early previews are promising.

Collab SZN


Another year chock-full of collabs. Kith and Diadora. Puma and Bape. Jordan Brand and Public School. Pick a sneaker company and almost any other brand, and there’s a pretty good chance they collaborated on a shoe this year. Collabs may not hold the special meaning that they used to, but nobody can deny that there was an abundance of fire on the collab front in 2o15.


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