I Been Schleep – Stance Socks and Nike Tech Fleece


“Are you joking, Bob? You JUST got into Stance and Nike Tech Fleece??”

I know, I know. The title of this article is pretty self-explanatory – I been schleep. Despite all of the hype and great reviews surrounding these two items, I just haven’t gotten around to copping either until now. As you can tell, I don’t give into hype easily, (I’m chuckling while writing this), and I stay true to what I know for the most part.

To be honest – I just figured that I was good¬†with Nike Elite socks, *slams head against table*, and Tech Fleece was just an overpriced Nike Dry-Fit. However, I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong, and I have no problem with saying that I was 100% WRONG.

(Sidenote – if you don’t own any Stance socks or Nike Tech Fleece, stop reading this here, and go get you some. I could not be more serious here.)

Stance Socks

I always thought they were just regular crew socks with lots of cool designs. I’d always see the logo flood my IG with people who are actually wearing the socks backwards. (Logo goes on the inside of the leg – shoutout to Matt¬†from Studiiyo23 for putting me on game). As it turns out, these things are insanely comfortable. In addition to comfort, when matched well, they can absolutely set a fit off. Don’t overlook the little details. Socks do matter – treat your feet well.

Nike Tech Fleece

As much as I hate Finish Line at times, I have to give credit when credit is due. They came through huge for me here. I received a random free $20 code a couple weeks ago, and found a Tech Fleece crewneck on sale for roughly $45. After shipping, I ended up paying $35, which is a steal when you take into account the $90 retail tag. I actually just got it in the mail today, and couldn’t resist throwing it on instantly. Talk about a comfortable crewneck. It’s safe to say I see more Tech Fleece in my future soon.

I’m not currently receiving any benefits from Nike or Stance, so despite what you may think, these are my true, unpolluted views on Tech Fleece and Stance socks. However, if anyone from Nike or Stance is reading these, I’ll definitely sell out. Toss some free product my way, and I gotchu.

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