Sunday Sneaker Ramblings Vol. VIII


It’s a week of 2016 firsts over here at KicksOneTwo.

On Friday, we had our first shameless Instagram plug of the year and today we’re hitting you with the first edition of Sunday Sneaker Ramblings you’ll see in 2016. If you’re not familiar with the segment, here’s a quick rundown: I share my unfiltered thoughts on any and everything that I found interesting that went on in the sneaker world this last week. Get it? Got it? Good. Let’s get right to it.


We’ve gotta start off with the biggest sneaker news of the week, the official unveiling of the Jordan XXX. Although the shoe isn’t much in the way of street style looks, that’s not what it was made for. It’s designed to be a premium performance shoe, and from the news we’ve heard about it, it appears to be just that. Only time will tell if it’ll be a classic, but it is certainly one of the best shoes on the market. Last year’s XXIX was one of the best performance basketball shoes ever (if you think otherwise, smack yourself), and the XXX should be able to carry on the torch.


That’s not all for Jordan news though. The “Pinnacle” Jordan IV was revealed, and I’ve gotta say…I like it. Premium quilted leather is always a good look, and the different quilted patterns on different areas of the shoe is a nice look. The clean white midsole it sits on top of seals the deal. Here’s hoping any and all Pinnacle IV’s are as dope as the I’s that released last year.


Let’s also quickly touch on Kevin Hart’s new signature shoe (and how goofy that fool Jimmy Fallon looks in this picture). It’s dope that a comedian like Hart gets his own shoe, and it’s dope that it’s a cross-trainer as Hart is known for his workout routine. However, the shoe itself isn’t all that dope. It looks like a mid-top 3.0 trainer. Undercooked design. Will it still sell? It’ll be interesting to see if Hart and Nike’s combined magic will be enough to move units.

(old uniform. NBA will NOT approve)

And last but not least…it’s QUESTION SZN. Reebok announced that they’ll be dropping 20 (that’s right!) color ways of AI’s first (and best) signature sneaker to honor its 20th anniversary. Any Iverson fan has to be overjoyed by this news, and I for one cannot wait to see each and every colorway. Who knows? I might just try to collect em’ all.


That’s it for this edition of Sunday Sneaker Ramblings. What did you think the most interesting news in sneakers was this week? Are you excited for any upcoming releases? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker photos you can handle.


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