Trends/Brands You’ll See In The Twin Cities This Year

Whoever said things come to the Midwest last clearly hasn’t been to the Twin Cities. We have our own unique style here, and generally buck trends in favor of being unique in our clothing choices.

However, trends catch on everywhere eventually, and there are a few that you’re bound to see around these parts sometime in 2016 (if you haven’t already). Here’s a short list of trends/brands that you’re bound to see in the Twin Cities this year.



Arguably the hottest brand of 2015, Palace is gradually making its way into MSP. There’s been a core group of Supreme lovers (especially in the Uptown area) for several years now, but over the last few months, there have been a few Palace sightings as well (I’m actually wearing a Palace shirt while typing this). If you’re already into Supreme or any other “skate” brand, or if you’re an Ian Connor disciple, you’ll be throwing on a garment with a tri-ferg logo or a P somewhere on it sooner rather than later.

Comme des Garcons


Why it took CDG so long to get established here is somewhat of a mystery (you’ll spot it on ‘heads occasionally, but it’s rare), but with the recent influx of CDG Converse into the market, there’s a good chance more people will be rocking kicks with the famous heart-with-eyes logo plastered all over them.

Dad Hats

dad hats

Another carryover from 2015, the dad hat has become more and more prevalent at events all around the cities. The low-profile, unstructured style is always a good look, and we just might be seeing more and more from local brands this year (the hats in the picture above are from our good friends at Create yourself a favor and check them out). They’re set up to be the preferred hat style for all of 2016.

Bomber Jackets


Outerwear trends come and go, but one that’s caught fire this winter is the bomber jacket. You’ll see a lot of cheap H&M bombers out and about, but occasionally you’ll spot a fashion-forwards individual rocking thrift shop steal or one of the bombers from Jerry Lorenzo’s recent F.O.G collection, which actually hit MOA. As winter rolls on and turns into spring, be prepared to see bombers all over the place.


What do you think some of the biggest trends/hottest brands in the cities are right now? Do you enjoy any of the trends or brands in this article? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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