Consigning Kicks: A Beginners Guide


So you want to sell some kicks.

You need some quick cash, but you don’t have the time to sell the kicks yourself. Craigslist, posting in sneaker groups, all that other internet stuff? Who’s got the time for that? You certainly don’t.

Thankfully you’ve got another option: consignment. Let a shop do the work for you by displaying and marketing your kicks, and reap the rewards when your kicks sell. It’s a pretty simple process, but can be slightly confusing for anyone who hasn’t done it before, so we’ve got a simple guide to get you started. Let’s go get you some money.

How/Where Do I Consign My Kicks?

The first step in the consignment process is figuring out where to go, and how you go about putting the kicks on consignment. Thankfully this is a super-simple step. Head over to any local store that offers consignment services (Studiiyo23 is your best bet in the Twin Cities!), and tell them you’d like to put your shoes up for sale. They’ll check them out, and assuming the shoe is desirable enough and in good enough condition, they’ll help you figure out a fair selling price, have you sign a consignment agreement, and put your shoes up for sale.

Note: Consignment doesn’t mean that a store will buy your shoes outright¬†when you bring them in. They’ll sell them for you, so you get to use the network they’ve built, but they don’t actually buy the shoes from you. They’re still yours,¬†until they sell of course!

What Happens When My Shoes Are Up On Consignment?

They’re for sale! You get to be hands-off at this point. The shop will display them, and blast them out on social media, tapping into their network to bring your kicks to potential buyers. If someone makes an offer on your shoes that’s lower than the selling price, they’ll get in touch with you and ask if you’d be willing to sell for that price.

How Does The Split Work?

Nothing’s free. For displaying and marketing your kicks (doing all the work for you), the shop will take a cut of the profit when they sell. An 80/20 split is pretty standard, so you sacrifice 20% of your profit for having the shop do the work for you. Not too bad, right? 20% for peace of mind and relaxation is well worth it.

My Shoes Sold!

Great! All you have to do is go in and pick your money up. You’re all done. That was an easy process, wasn’t it? You should make a habit of it if you’d like to save time and headaches.


Have you consigned shoes before? How quickly did they sell? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker photos you can handle.


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