Thoughts On YEEZY Season 3 Footwear


You’re probably gearing up for crushing disappointment while you’re reading this. You’ve already probably bricked on the raffles, and you’re getting ready to strike out on the online release as well. Yes, it’s Yeezy release day, and those “Pirate Black” 35o Boosts are probably just out of your reach. Trust us, we know the feeling well.

But since we’re on the topic of Yeezys, and today’s a Yeezy release day, let’s talk about some upcoming releases. Namely the footwear that was premiered during last week’s YEEZY Season 3 show. There were a lot of models that we liked, but a few that we didn’t like so much as well, so we’re going to go ahead and give you our thoughts.

Let’s start off with almost everyone’s favorite Yeezy model, the 350 Boost. Several new colors and patterns were on display, and we’re of the opinion that by and large, they’re flame. If we had to pick a favorite, we’d have to go with the all-white pair. They appear to have a different style of Primeknit on the upper, and look as if they’re geared towards summer wear. If they’re dropping with the Season 3 clothes, we probably won’t see them till the fall, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a summer release.

The swirl/wave pattern 350’s are interesting as well. That’s the type of shoe that you really can’t pass a full judgement on until you get them in hand and see for yourself what they’re really like, but they do look promising. The pairs with the pink/orange stripe across the upper look interesting as well: classic 350 styling, but with a little pop of color and flair so you can switch your steez up a bit.

However, there is a brick: the canary yellow pair is absolutely horrible. We’re all for monochromatic shoes, but all flat-yellow kicks? No thanks. They look like Marshmallow Peep shoes, and are an easy pass.

Let’s switch gears and talk about one of the most underrated parts of the YEEZY footwear line, the boots. The 950’s were bangers last season, and the waterproof 1050’s appear to follow in the same line. They look durable, comfortable, and dope. Especially here in Minnesota it’s important to have something that’ll let you trudge through the snow and sleet in style, and the 1050’s seem to have both the form and function that we so desperately need.

There appears to be a new style of boot as well (are we going to call them the 850’s? Who knows?) that appear to be very military-inspired. Although they’re not as rough and rugged as the 1050’s, they’re still dope, and we can say without hesitation that they’d probably find a spot in our wardrobe.

So all in all, we’re big fans of YEEZY Season 3’s footwear offerings. Leave out the canary-colored 350’s and you’ve got yourself a borderline flawless season of footwear. Now comes the hard part: getting our hands on them. We’ll see how that goes, but if today’s any indication, it’ll be rough.


What was your favorite piece of footwear from YEEZY Season 3? Were you more partial to the boots or the 350’s? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check out our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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