Sneaker-Related Violence Is Absurd


I’ve got a lot of different emotions flowing as I write this article. I’m frustrated. I’m pissed. I’m upset. I’m confused. There was a shooting at a Foot Locker in Brooklyn Center yesterday (over a pair of the pink/white Jordan XII’s pictured above), and I’m sitting here wondering why this kind of shit is still happening.

Details are still somewhat hazy, but apparently what happened is that there was an “argument” (we all know how that kind of shit goes) between someone who’d gotten a pair of the pink and white XII’s that released yesterday, and someone who was salty that they didn’t get a pair in the Foot Locker parking lot. One thing lead to another, and next thing you know, they’re shooting at each other.

Thankfully nobody is in critical condition, but that doesn’t make this story much less sad and ridiculous. You’d think that as a culture we’d be past the point where a somewhat random pair of grade school Jordans would incite such violent emotions that grown men would start shooting at each other. You’d think that people weren’t that shallow and materialistic, but you’d be thinking wrong.

Every time something like this happens, it’s a huge step back for the respectable sneakerhead who’s interested in shoes just because he loves the culture. It’s another opportunity for someone who’s looking in from the outside to shake their head and pass judgements on the culture as a whole based on one small bit of information. It’s backwards and stupid and just plain wrong.

We all love shoes, but they’re just shoes. They’re not worth risking your life over. They’re not worth taking a life over. They’re not really worth much of anything in the grand scheme of things. Please keep that in perspective, and please realize that sneakers should be a culture based on love and appreciation, not anger and recklessness. Sneaker-related violence is absurd.

Keep your head high. The foolish actions of a misguided few don’t represent you as a snakehead. Our  culture is too dope for that. Hopefully we’ll push past doing stuff like this someday.


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