Steph Curry Has Got The Signature Basketball Shoe Market On Lock


If you turn on the TV, go on the internet, or pick up a newspaper (some people still do, and I’m one of me old-fashioned if you want) in search of some NBA coverage, there’s only one name that you’re going to hear. Steph Curry. The 6’3 shooting savant from the Golden State Warriors, by way of Davidson University in North Carolina. He’s got the sweetest jump shot you’ve ever seen, and a killer handle to go along with it. He’s the man in the NBA right now (sorry LeBron), and is easily the most popular basketball player in the world. And of course this popularity extends to his shoes.

Great players have always had signature basketball shoes, and the kids are the ones who determine what a great shoe is. Sure, collectors might have a different opinion, but when it comes to signature performance basketball sneakers, nobody determines the winners more than the kids. And the kids love them some Steph Curry. Ask anyone who works in a sneaker store right now and they’ll tell you: they field multiple requests for Curry I’s and Curry II’s every day, significantly more than LeBron, Kobe, or KD. Steph and his shoes have really got the juice right now, in a way we haven’t seen since LeBron’s early signature models, the Reebok Question, and of course Air Jordans.

Kids want to be like Steph. They want to shoot like him. They want to handle like him. And he’s easy to like (parents would agree). He has a wholesome image, and looks like a normal person. That’s easy to work with for any halfway decent marketing professional, and Curry just might be the most-marketed NBA player right now. He’s the face of the league. For young kids right now, Steph is on track to be their Michael Jordan. Nike has got to be sick that he’s not on their roster, as their firm grip on the signature basketball shoe market seems to be slightly loosening.

Steph Curry has the market on lock because of his undeniable talent, his great character, and some superb marketing from Under Armor and the NBA. We’ll see how long he continues to hold on to the doesn’t seem like he’ll be letting go any time soon. Buckle up because it’s bound to be an interesting ride, both on the court and with the shoes.


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