Catching The Oop: The Proper Conduct


There are few things in the sneaker game that are better than catching an oop. You struck out on a hyped-up sneaker that you really wanted….but lo and behold, your homie came through and tossed you an oop on the kicks that you wanted so badly. Maybe he got lucky on a raffle. Maybe he hit on a random draw online. Doesn’t matter how you got tossed the oop as long as you caught it.

You got plugged, and you need to treat the plug with respect. There’s a few simple guidelines to make sure that the person who tossed you the pop feels good about doing it, and we’ve got them right here for you.

Don’t Resell The Shoes

Reselling shoes you caught an oop on is some low-down, slimy shit to do. The person who threw you the oop in the first place could have just as easily kept them and sold them themselves instead of handing them off to you. You need to respect that, and you need to wear those kicks that they went out of the way to help you out with.

Pay Your Respects

If someone asks how you got the shoes, you’ve got to acknowledge that you got an assist. You don’t have to name who helped you out, but it’s respectful that you acknowledge what they did to help you. Everyone needs a hand ever so often, and you should admit it freely that you needed a hand.

Say Thanks & Return The Favor

If someone’s throwing you an oop, they don’t really have anything to gain from it. They’re doing it because they want to do you a solid, so be sure you thank them profusely. And when the time comes to repay the favor…do it. You’ve got to throw an oop every so often if you want to continue catching them, and there’s nothing like helping your homies out to boot.


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