The Crying Jordan Meme Will Never Die


The internet has created a lot of great things. From inside jokes to memes to hilarious videos, there’s a plethora of humor that you only understand if you’ve fully immersed yourself in internet culture.

One of the best things the Internet has ever created is the crying Jordan face meme. Here’s the scoop for those of you who have been living under a rock: during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, Michael Jordan grew emotional and began crying. Some genius took his face, and turned it into a masterpiece that has now covered anyone who’s failed at anything. It’s absolutely hilarious.


However, there are detractors. They say that the gig is up. They say that the crying Jordan meme has outlived its usefulness and is no longer funny. They say it’s washed.

They’re wrong.

The fact that we’re even talking about it at all means it’s still relevant. In today’s Internet world, where things seem to get chewed up and spat out faster than the speed of sound, the crying Jordan meme has been funny for an extremely long period of time. Shit, it’s praticially a senior citizen in Internet years (is there such a thing? There should be).


Sure, it goes on any and everything nowadays. Sure, as soon as something goes wrong in sports or current events, you’ll see hundreds of photoshops with the face. That’s because it’s still funny. It’s comedic genius, one of the best things to ever come of the internet, and we should respect it as such.

So bring the crying Jordan faces on. We’ll keep laughing.



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