3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Jawnz Fresh On The Go


You’re out and about. You’re chilling with the homies. You’ve got some fire kicks on (as always), because you like to be fresh when you step out. It makes you feel good. You’re killing it. But then something horrible happens.

You step in a puddle of mud. Somebody spills beer on your new jawnz. You get ink on your shoelaces. Yes, it’s a grade-a, five-alarm emergency. You can’t have this. What can you do? Thankfully…a lot.

There’s a lot of great on-the-go cleaner products, and simple solutions that you can use to ensure your jawnz always stay on ten no matter what life throws at you. Here’s three of our favorites. Don’t say we never saved your from an emergency.

Sneaker Shields Magic Wipes


There’s nothing more annoying than when your kicks get messed up when you’re out and about. It’ll annoy you for the rest of the day/night when you look down and see that stain or smudge. Thankfully, if you have some Magic Wipes from Sneaker Shields, you can clean your jawnz up quickly and easily, and keep it moving.

Here’s a personal example from last week: I was rocking my brand new Stan Smiths (gotta keep a pair in rotation for the summer), and some asshat with Sperrys and cargo shorts on spilled some of his beer on them, leaving a stain. Thankfully I had my wipes. A few scrubs, and they were good as new. Still couldn’t forgive homie for his horrible fit, but that’s neither here nor there. Magic wipes for the win.

Timberland Eraser Bar


Got a nasty scuff on your shoes/boots and don’t know what to do? The eraser bar is your best friend. Wipes are best for dirt, but the bar is best for scuffs. Half of the time, you can just erase the scuff off without even using the brush.

So next time some herb steps on your Timberlands or Puma Suedes, just smile and laugh. You’re ready to handle it. No need to trip.

Tide To Go Pen


The legend. If you love your jawnz, and you don’t keep a Tide To Go pen on deck..you’re playing yourself. There’s nothing better for removing stains and spills from your shirt and pants. No matter if someone wipes their nasty nacho cheese hands on your shirt, or you spill ketchup on your pants, just reach for the Tide pen and you’ll be Gucci.

Another personal story: yesterday, I somehow got a large ink stain on my “I Feel Like Pablo” tee. Normally that would have sent me into a downwards spiral that would eventually destroy my mood, therefore ruining my night, but thanks to Tide To Go, that wasn’t the case. Lifesaver, game changer. Tide To Go.


What’s your favorite product for cleaning on the run? Do you have any special steps you take to ensure your jawnz are always on point? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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