Sunday Remembrance: Classic Prince Clips


We’re still reeling from Prince’s passing here at KicksOneTwo. He was tremendously important and influential all over the world, but here in his hometown of Minneapolis, his presence was felt like none other, and he’s missed greatly. As it’s Sunday, we figured it was only right to pay our dues and share a few of our favorite Prince clips with you. Enjoy.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

At the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony in 2004, Prince tore the roof off the building with a fantastic guitar solo. The effortless confidence he portrayed, and the solo itself are nothing short of incredible. He was on stage with legends like Tom Petty and Steve Winwood, and outshined them by a long shot. Incredible.

Purple Rain

Does this really need a description? If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re really missing out. Do yourself a major favor and watch it twice. Just incredible.

Purple Rain at Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show

Purple Rain twice? Why not. The best Super Bowl halftime performance in history courtesy of our hometown hero…in the rain too. Only fitting. And just look at that guitar. That thing is off the chain.

Prince on Larry King

This video’s longer than the others, but well worth the watch if you’ve got the time. Prince sits down with the legend Larry King, and discusses his career and name change among other things. Still interesting 17 years later, it’s a heck of an interview.


What was your favorite Prince interview/moment? What’s your favorite Prince song? If you’re from Minnesota, how would you describe what he meant to us as a state? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter..and be sure to play his music extra loud this week. We’ve got a feeling that’s what he’d want you to do.


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