Release Dates: Does The Day Of The Week Matter?


Saturday. A day of the week that most of the general populace spends either relaxing, getting stuff done around the house (if you’re a middle-age suburbanite), or fighting off a hangover (if you’re a 20-something like us). It’s also a great day of the week for any sneaker fan, as it’s often a Jordan release day.

Jordans and Saturdays have become┬ásynonymous. They’re tied together. Everyone knows the heat is coming out on Saturday, and everyone has money because they just got paid the day before. It works out great. However, sometimes things get switched up. That’s what happened this week as the Jordan X “NYC” was released yesterday, on a Wednesday. Rather peculiar, right?

It’s a very dope, clean, wearable shoe, but the reaction was lukewarm at best, and that got us to thinking…does the day of the week a sneaker is released on matter? We’d say it very much does.

Having a sneaker release on a weekend makes a lot of sense. People aren’t working so they’re feeling good. They’ve got money in their pocket, and since they’re feeling good, they’re likely looking to spend it. Dropping $190-$250 on a shoe seems a lot more feasible on the weekend, when the freedom of not being at work and not having any responsibilities can be intoxicating. If a shoe drops during the week, people seem to be less inclined to open up their pocketbooks…or they just can’t come to the store and get it, as they’re at work.

So yes, the day of the week a shoe is released on does matter. Weekends>everything, at least when it comes to sneaker release dates. Just watch: any X’s that didn’t sell this week will be flying off the shelves when the weekend rolls around.


What do you think about sneakers releasing during the week? Would you prefer they only drop on the weekend, or does it not matter much to you what day of the week they release? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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