Take Flight: GoodKarmaNiles’s SPVCESHIP Is Here


Summer is upon us. It’s beautiful out in the Twin Cities, and you’re probably in need of some fire music to bump in your whip. Well, you’re in luck. GoodKarmaNiles just dropped his highly anticipated EP SPVCESHIP, produced entirely by RP Hooks, Ninety, and CONNYE.

The EP features ethereal-sounding production, car-rattling bass, and extremely relatable lyrics. It’s a conceptual project with a very distinct sound. Ever been through the struggle and came out stronger because of it? So has GoodKarmaNiles, and you’ll be able to relate to what he’s spitting through the whole project. It’s all about creating something that gets you to your destination and your goals, be it a spaceship or a car (GoodKarmaNiles loves fast cars).

You can check it out through the Soundcloud link posted above, or head over to Bandcamp if you’d rather get a high-quality download of the project for your music devices. By the time you’re a few tracks in, you’ll be cruising in your own personal SPVCESHIP, well on the way to your goals and dreams, whatever they may be. Enjoy your new summer soundtrack

Editor’s note: We were¬†lucky enough to be blessed with an advance copy of the EP, and have listened to it several times. Our favorite tracks? We loved em’ all, and there’s no pause in the action on the EP, but if you forced us to pick, Free Sauce (dripping in swagger), and Blvck Gundvm Pilot (craziest beat we’ve heard in a while) would be our two favorites.¬†


What’s your favorite track on the EP? What are your thoughts after listening? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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