The Kith x colette Collab Is Way Too Lit


Ronnie Fieg has done it again.

Nobody has a higher batting average when it comes to collabs than Ronnie and Kith, and they’re pushing their average even farther into the stratosphere with their recent collab with colette.


What exactly is in the collection, you might ask? Two of Ronnie’s Puma favorites. A Disc Blaze (pictured above) and the Blaze Of Glory (notice a theme with the whole “blaze” thing here?). A set of matching summertime apparel (Kith box logo hoodies and tees, jackets, socks, hats…there’s a lot). And a dope portable Beats speaker, just to make sure the accessory side of things isn’t ignored.


The collection plays off the greatest strengths of both brands involved, with colette’s signature white/blue colorway providing the base for everything in the collection, and Kith’s masterful athleisure styling providing the silhouettes. When two powerful brands put their best foot forwards, this is what you get.


Plus, the elegantly styled lookbook features none other than one of NY’s finest wordsmiths, the Punchline King himself, Fabo Escobar (that’s Fabolous for those of you who aren’t quite as quick with keeping up on nicknames). The whole point of a lookbook is to showcase your product and make it look cool, and Kith and colette have done just that here.

We’re still in awe of the collection. If you catch us out and about this summer…you’ll probably see us wearing at least one piece. You should too if you know what’s really good.


What do you think about the Kith x colette collection? Do you have a favorite piece? Which shoe do you like better, the Disc Blaze or the Blaze of Glory? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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