The Case For The Jordan Pinnacle Line


The Jordan Pinnacle line. A point of contention among many sneakerheads. Some love the high-fashion twist and premium materials on their favorite Jordan models. Others think paying $400 retail for a Jordan shoe is outrageous, and that the high-fashion shoes should be left to high-fashion brands.

We’re of the first school of thought. We’re big supporters of the Jordan Pinnacle line. We think it’s a dope concept, and that putting a high-fashion twist on classic silhouettes is a great idea, and we’ve got a few reasons why, so pull up a chair and put your reading glasses on.

First off, a high-end shoe is an investment. It’s made with fine materials, and will age better and last longer than a standard pair of shoes. Everyone would agree that Jordan I’s and IV’s are shoes that look better with a little wear to them…and those are the two shoes that were picked for the Pinnacle line. Shoes that look better with wear made with high-fashion materials so they age even better? We’re with it. Sign us up. You can’t tell us that a shoe like the Vachetta Tan Pinnacle I’s wouldn’t look even more fire after 30 wears and maybe even a little leather treatment.

Secondly, there’s somewhat of a learning curve to high-fashion shoes. It takes most sneakerheads a little while to get used to the look and feel, so why not ease that process with a silhouette that they’re familiar with? The Jordan Pinnacle releases are a great way to ease into the high-fashion sneaker world, as they’re a great middle ground between athletic shoes and high-end designer shoes. Get comfortable with them, and next think you know you’ll be rocking Common Projects and Saint Laurents like it’s nothing.

So yes, we support the Jordan Pinnacle line wholeheartedly. It doesn’t hurt that the I’s and IV’s are arguably the two best Jordan silhouettes ever. Grab yourself a pair of Pinnacles. You’ll be glad you did.


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