The Roast Of Steph Curry’s “Chef Curry” Lows


Steph Curry. The NBA’s man of the moment. The back-to-back MVP and soon to be back-to-back NBA Finals champion (come on now, we all know the Cavs aren’t coming back, as much as we may want them to) is by far the most popular basketball player in the world right now. He’s so popular that he even managed to make Under Armor relevant in the basketball world with his signature shoes, the Curry 1 and 2. ┬áBut even the great Steph Curry is not immune to the occasional brick, and he teamed with Under Armor to toss a resounding one recently, with the release of the “Chef Curry” Curry 2 Lows, pictured above.

Just look at them. They’re horrible. They look like something your grandfather would wear with tube socks. They look like something a person who walks into a shoe store asking for “walking shoes” would gladly wear (sidenote: what the fuck would make someone ask for a “walking shoe?” Aren’t all shoes walking shoes?). They look like a shoe that someone who enjoys talking about their┬ávigorous CrossFit session that they did yesterday would wear. Yeah, they’re really that bad. They’re the 2016 Air Monarch.

Of course, Twitter was having a field day with these beauties. You probably saw some of the tweets yourself. But why would an ugly signature shoe raise so much vitriol? It’s certainly not the first ugly signature shoe we’ve ever seen. You can’t sit here and tell us that KD and LeBron haven’t had a few bricks in their lines.

We’re of the opinion that the shoes caused such a ruckus because the golden-boy image that the media has showered on Steph Curry is beginning to wear thin with a lot of NBA watchers. Much like how ESPN just couldn’t get enough of LeBron in the 00’s, they’re the same way with Steph now. It’s all Steph, all the time. Don’t get us wrong, he’s an incredible player, but the constant glorifying wears pretty thin after a while, so when the Internet got their opportunity to roast, they took it and ran with it.

We have a feeling it doesn’t bother Steph too much though. There’s probably not much anyone can tell him about anything at all right now.


What do you think of the “Chef Curry” Curry 2 Low? Do you think it’s hideous, or is it not that bad to you? What do you think of Steph Curry? Are you a fan, or are you tired of how the media covers him? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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